Sexy Switches From Buster + Punch Will Turn You On

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Sexy Switches From Buster

These are some insane buttons if I ever change the buttons around my house these are the buttons that are going in, Looking more like controls on a luxury sound system or expensive mixing gear, these electrical switches really step up the ante for the erstwhile all-too-common home staple.  While these will obviously look perfect inside home theater rooms, it should fit in well with almost any spot in the digs, whether for turning on the bedroom lights, the Jello Chandelier in the living room, or the garbage disposal in the kitchen.

Sexy Switches From Buster

All switches and dimmers on the Buster + Punch Electricity series are made from solid metal, with a flat faceplate and the company’s signature solid penny buttons for added aesthetics.  All the controls are diamond-cut knurled, ensuring they impart a good feeling every time they come in contact with your fingers.  Just like regular switches and dimmers, they come in single and double versions; unlike them, these come in brass, steel, smoked bronze, white, and a variety of gorgeous combinations, ensuring you can find just the right set to blend in with your existing home decor.  Oh yeah, Buster + Punch also makes equivalent plug sockets, so you can coordinate the classy finishes for every single one of the electrical fixtures on your walls.

Sexy Switches From Buster

The Buster + Punch Electricity series is available for preorder with a September 15 ship date.  Prices start at £30 .

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