SHADOW WARRIOR 3 Last Gameplay Trailer Is Here

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Devolver Digital has just released the new gameplay trailer for its latest first-person shooter, Shadow Warrior 3. The hack-and-slash trailer showcases some of the messy fun players can expect in the game. As expected, there is tons of blood, dismemberment, and humor in the trailer.

Flying Wild Hog has assisted to bring the franchise back as of 2013 with its release of Shadow Warrior, a new take on the franchise made famous by former developer 3D Realms. The game is famous for its over-the-top action and tongue-in-cheek comedy. Players play as protagonist Lo Wang on a search to hunt an ancient dragon that has recently been revived. Lo Wang will have to dice through hordes of demons and utilize an outstanding arsenal to save once again.

The arena shooter is combining old-school with modern gameplay formulas, allowing players to perform air dashes, running on walls, and double jumps. Players will also have access to a grappling hook which will unlock the potential to a combination of playstyles and possible combat varieties.

Shadow Warrior 3 is coming out on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam on March 1st.

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