Shadow Warrior Trailer

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Shadow Warrior

Developer Digital and Bandai Namco Games released a new trailer for Flying Wild Hog’s re imagined first-person shooter, Shadow Warrior.

“The original Shadow Warrior game was released on May 13, 1997 as a semi-successor to the legendary Duke Nukem 3D game with over-the-top gore and humor.

While developing the new Shadow Warrior – the hardest thing was to keep the old-school feel but also avoid the gameplay from feeling archaic. We wanted the game to be witty, fast-paced and even gorier than the original, while tickling this feel for ‘nostalgia’ with fans of the original game,” said Flying Wild Hog’s Level Designer, Artur Maksara.

The game runs on our RoadHog engine in 1080p and at 60 fps

“Shadow Warrior tells the eccentric tale of Zilla Enterprise’s corporate shogun, Lo Wang, who is ordered by his employer to track down and acquire a legendary blade.

Forced into a timeless battle, Lo Wang learns of the blade’s connection to ancient gods from another realm, pushing our world to the brink of destruction.”

Shadow Warrior was originally released on PC September 26, 2013. It will hit the stores again this September 26 across Europe and Australia for Xbox One & PS4.

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