Should You Buy Used iPhone XR?

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iPhone XR

The iPhone XR came out in September 2018 and stood out for its eye-catching design and impressive specs among iPhones. It also had a more palatable price starting at $749, while its bigger siblings, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, started at $999 and $1,099, respectively. Today, the iPhone XR goes for between $499 and $549 on Apple stores.

A refurbished iPhone XR can be purchased on the used market, starting from $323 to $379 for an excellent piece. This means that you can save up to $200 by buying a pre-owned iPhone XR over a new one. So, should you buy the iPhone XR used?


What are the benefits of purchasing a used iPhone XR?

1.   You can save a good amount of money

There is a common misconception that pre-owned iPhones are an option for those who can’t afford to buy a new iPhone, and nothing can be further from the truth. Even if you had the cash to buy a new iPhone XR, you would still benefit from purchasing a used one. This is because you can save a good amount of money by going for a used iPhone XR and utilize the savings to purchase iPhone accessories. Such accessories can make you enjoy using your iPhone XR even more by expanding its functionality.


2.   You are getting an almost new iPhone

If you decide to buy a used iPhone XR, it’s best to get one that is refurbished from a reputable repair shop rather than buying from an individual. This is because if you make your purchase at a refurbished shop, you will have the option of getting an almost new iPhone XR while still saving a considerable amount of money.

Refurbished iPhones usually have a good number of their beat-up internal and external components replaced. As a result, they can function just as a new iPhone would and look almost the same except maybe where there might be a few cosmetic damages or abrasions on the surfaces. If you pay a little extra, you can buy an iPhone XR used that’s looking as good as new.


What’s a refurbished iPhone?

A refurbished iPhone is basically a pre-owned phone that has undergone some restoration processes to upgrade its functionality and appearance to be close to new. This means that if any component of the pre-owned iPhone XR were broken or not functioning as it should be, it would be replaced. Therefore, when you purchase the iPhone, you can expect it without encountering any problems.


Benefits of purchasing a refurbished iPhone XR over a regular used iPhone XR


1.   Superior performance and functionality

Your refurbished iPhone XR will have superior performance and functionality to a used phone. In terms of battery life, a refurbished iPhone will have a better battery life than a used one because its old battery would have been replaced. Phone batteries are usually good for two years, and for a used iPhone XR that has worked for that long, its battery might have significantly degraded. Therefore, you will have to seek battery replacement if you choose to settle for the regular used iPhone XR soon after purchase.


2.   Possibility of getting a limited warranty

Though most refurbished iPhones don’t offer a full warranty after purchase, those that fall under the category of certified refurbished iPhones do offer a limited warranty. Certified refurbished iPhones take advantage of standardized refurbishing processes utilizing Apple-approved technicians and replacement parts during restoration. There is also some level of quality control administered to the certified refurbished iPhones before they are put up for sale.

Considering the high standards that certified refurbished iPhones are subjected to, they are usually marginally higher priced than the typical refurbished phones. As a result, the repair shop is willing to accompany them with a limited warranty for a period of one month to six months. In some cases, you might also have the option of returning the product for a refund.

There is no way for you to get a warranty for a regular used iPhone XR after making a purchase. This means if anything goes wrong, you are on your own. Moreover, if you don’t like the iPhone XR you purchase, you might not have any way to return it.

Buying an iPhone XR used is the way to go. Unlike before, iPhones today are part of a large ecosystem, and to make the most out of them, you need to have accessories like Apple Watch and Airpods and subscriptions like Apple Music and Apple Fitness +. The savings you make by going for a refurbished iPhone XR will allow you to explore such possibilities.

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