Should You Work With Custom Developers

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Should you work with an expert to help you develop your website, and specifically your mobile app? You may have some technical background and even designed websites before, but with the market changing dramatically, sometimes overnight, it’s important that you’re able to stay up to date with the latest information.

When you’re designing a site to be optimized for mobile platforms, what do you need to know about UX or SEO? There are a lot of great reasons to work with a custom web developer. Here are just a few.


User Experience

A huge buzzword in technology today is about user experience, often called UX. What this means is the overall experience your readers and potential customers have will directly impact their decision-making process.

If you’ve designed your own site, including a mobile interface, you may be missing a few key elements that most laypeople may not fully understand. This isn’t a failure on your part. Working with professionals will give you the best advantage for your business.


Search Engine Optimization

Another phrase you’re probably familiar with is SEO or search engine optimization. This one has been around a while, so you may think you have a handle on it. What you might not know is that the major players, like Google, move the goal post pretty frequently.

It’s hard to optimize your site when you’re two or three steps behind your competition. Knowing how to make keywords work for you along with aspects like responsive design for mobile pages, can help you win the game.


Mobile Accessibility

Both of these play into another aspect of web design that’s impacting businesses today. That is the need to optimize your pages for peak user experience on mobile devices. More and more adults today access the internet solely through their smartphones or tablets. If you alienate them with a hard to navigate the site, they’ll click away.  For companies that offer Employee Monitoring Software, this becomes even more important.

One of the best ways to do this is through something called responsive design. This is how a website can be smart and work with the platform each user is on and optimize the site specifically for the size and orientation of their device.


Conversion Rates

Finally, what you want more than anything out of your website are conversions. This is the statistic that tells you how many clicks it takes for someone to become an end-user or customer. This will be different for everyone based on what you do, how you do it, and what you want the actions of potential consumers to be.

The best way to understand conversion rates and to optimize the results is by working with a professional designer who fully understands the technology involved. They know how to make it work specifically for your industry, the added value that you need to provide over your competition, and how to report and track the information into the future. They can also help you pivot when the goals change.

Should you go with a professional web designer who understands UX and the needs for mobile platforms?


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