Siege Stove Ultimate Camping And Survival Stove Introduced On Kickstarter

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Siege Stove

Adventurers, survivalists, and campers are looking for a lightweight camping stove and now they have got one and its called Siege Stove created by James Fisher. Designed to provide users with the most versatile camping and survival stove available, the Siege Stove has been engineered for extreme environments and to deliver high-performance, scalable stability.

Siege Stove is now available to back via Kickstarter with early bird pledges available from just $20. “The Siege Stove Cross-Members instantly turn the lightweight, sturdy, stainless steel $2.50 IKEA canister into a beautiful, very high-performance stove (outperforming all nine more expensive stoves in a national survival magazine review).”

After extensive development and testing, we have finally perfected the Siege Stove and are ready to introduce it to the world. The unique universal Cross-Members fit almost any ordinary can, rapidly converting it into a powerful, stable, high-performance wood-burning and multi-fuel stove, with unique features and options not found in any other stove. In spite of its high performance, it is also uniquely affordable — so much so, that nothing else comes close to its value and versatility.”

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