Signature Generator Reviews: Features, Price, Alternatives in 2021

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In the current generation, we have found much to do with the internet. That’s great since you can generate signatures online among other things on enabled platforms. However, there is danger lurking on the online end if you are not careful with what you choose. 

Does that raise some tension? If that’s the case, you need recommendations of some of the best platforms. We have one of them here that we are going to review in detail before showing you other alternatives. 

It is one of the platforms that has come to redefine how we sign documents in this millennial age. 

CocoSign Signature Generator – What is It?

CocoSign is a web-based platform that helps in signing documents. That’s the general definition we can give it since it does more than that when it comes to signing. You can create templates here, signatures and use each based on the requirements at hand. 

The process is more automated here to make things easier for you. First, you will notice the intuitive arrangement on the website to tell you where everything is and how to go about it. 

Signature creation and generation are easy since you will be using readily available resources. We will look into that in the features section. More to that include the fact that it supports more than one format. 

So, you can use it to sign PDF, Excel, Word, PNG, and JPG documents with ease before downloading a soft copy that is complete and legally binding. You may want to sign a document at times,  but you don’t know how to do the structuring process. 

CocoSign has the templates to offer guidelines, and you can also create one from scratch. If you are offline, you can continue to use it as your activities are saved in drafts. Whatever you do is secure here, thanks to the security protocols involved. 

It’s compliant with the HIPAA, 21 CFR Part II, and GDPR, and that gives you military-grade security. When you combine that with the usual SSL encryption, the only way a hacker can access your credentials is by getting your password and username.


CocoSign Features at a Glance

There are so many things to say about CocoSign. The best way to capture most of it is by shedding light on the modules (features) available on the platform. This is what you will get when you join the platform:


Electronic Signature Creation and Use 

DocuSign is a platform built to enable you to embed signatures on documents with ease. You can start by creating a signature that may involve the keyboard, mouse, touchpad, touchscreen, or stylus pen on a graphical tablet.

If you already have a signature you would like to use; there is an option to upload the photo. Once the signature is available, the next part is using it on any document that requires it. Email signature generators are here to give your email the best ending every time you send or reply. 


Document Sharing and Customizable Templates 

If you need more than one e-signature on a file, CocoSign helps you engage with the participants. How? By inviting them via email. That means you can add those required to sign and send them a notification. 

As you add them, there is an option to sign in order or without any arrangement. If there is an order, there are places designated for specific people, and some will assign after others. 

It’s possible to create templates here or use the ones available. Whether created or already available, they will always be there when it’s time to use them. 


Activity Dashboard and Real-Time Tracking 

If you want to view the progress, CocoSign has a dashboard for that. It will show you who has viewed and signed and those who have rejected too. If it’s complete, there will be a status to show. 

CocoSign also allows you to send reminders to those engaged. They can be automatic, or you can trigger the reminders via your dashboard. The best part is that you can also receive notifications about the progress and completion. 


Audit Control 

There are digital signatures involved here. So, we need to ensure that the e-signatures we create are safe and have been used on the right documents. That is where you need auditing. 

Every signature use will contain the document details, initials, IP addresses, and timelines. That way, you can monitor the signing activity and retrieve records in case of a legal dispute. 


CocoSign Pricing 

It’s inexpensive to use CocoSign. First, there is a free trial for the next 14 days after joining the platform. After that, there is a free version that you can comfortably use but with limited capabilities. 

Getting access to most or all the features will involve subscribing to the following plans:

  • Business: $12 per month 
  • Business Pro: $25 per month per user
  • Enterprise: $35 per month per user 
  • Advanced solutions: Contact customer support for streamlined offers 


Alternatives to CocoSign 

There are numerous alternatives to CocoSign. However, not all can achieve the security level admired by those who would like such a service. That is why the list below is quite short. If you decide to forgo CocoSign, you can still utilize the following options: 


Adobe Sign 

Adobe Acrobat is a major application that centers on creating and editing PDFs. You may have to download the app before using the services. On the other hand, Adobe has enabled an online presence that enables users to join using the accounts. 

The Adobe Sign category hosts more than 8 billion e-signatures, and that includes businesses and individuals. With this platform, you can create fillable PDF forms that can collect signatures and integrate with payment modes such as Braintree and PayPal. 

The only problem is that you will be working with PDFs alone here. If you have another document format, you may have to change it to PDF first. The Adobe Sign packages are also quite affordable since the least you can pay is $10, while the highest one goes for about $20. 



The next one is EverSign. It’s also web-based, and it’s possible to embed signatures and automate the process. Signature creation and use are enabled, and 256-bit SSL encryption ensures that your data does not fall into the wrong hands. 

It’s possible to integrate it with cloud services such as Google Drive, Docs, Dropbox, Gmail, and Chrome. Being web-based is an advantage, of course, since you can use it via any internet-enabled device. 

Signature generators have come to save the world when it comes to signing documents. We are living in the COVID-19 times, and that means less contact with people or their belongings. If you want to legalize a contract by signing and involve people, the best way now remains on the internet. 

CocoSign is one of them, and it’s available for use at any time anywhere. That is why it’s the best bet when you want a platform to integrate with the daily signing tasks. 

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