SILENT HILL: ASCENSION Trailer Which Will Put Viewers In Control During Live Event

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A new Silent Hill experience has been revealed, Silent Hill: Ascension. This international event will put the new story and characters in the hands of the viewers as the narrative develops live on numerous platforms. Not much is known about it outside of that.

According to IGN: Jacob Navok, the CEO of Genvid (a streaming software tools company working on the game) revealed that Ascension is “a narrative-based, branching choice cloud streaming experiment.”

It’s explained that Konami is “essentially going to stream, only once, a choose your own adventure-style Silent Hill mini-series where the stream’s chat will collectively decide what happens, essentially letting the fanbase create its own Silent Hill canon.”

The decisions in the game are said to determine “characters’ relationships, fates, if they live or die, and so on.”

There is a teaser trailer released with the announcement, but in true teaser fashion, it discloses little about the series. Event will go live in 2023,

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