Silent Hill is Coming To DEAD BY DAYLIGHT MOBILE On October 26th

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Behaviour Interactive revealed that horror series Silent Hill will be coming onto Dead By Daylight Mobile this October 26th! you can buy Silent Hill DLC for the game amongst the regular platforms for some time now and it’s to see it making its way onto the smartphones. Senior Product Manager, Alexandre Rogaume is very passionate about the new DLC and says, “We are so thrilled to have the legendary Silent Hill join the ranks of Dead by Daylight Mobile” and continues, “We are huge fans of the franchise and to know that mobile players can survive and kill as these iconic characters is a huge milestone for us, one that we are very proud of.”

The DLC comes with 2 new playable characters which are survivor Cheryl Mason (Silent Hill 3) and killer Pyramid Head. Cheryl Mason, previously known as Heather, fled a religious cult that has stalked her since birth. Now she finds herself in Entity’s realms battling a neverending fight. Getting to Pyramid Head, where he comes from he is well known as The Executioner. He’s a killer that rarely shows mercy and loves pain upon his victims. With his massive blade in hand, he walks the night waiting for the survivors to come his way.

Silent Hill DLC will come to Dead By Daylight Mobile on October 26th.


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