Six Gifts To Consider For The Star Wars Geek In Your Family

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6 Gifts To Consider For The Star Wars Geek In Your Family

Gift-giving can be stressful for many people, even if you they know the person really well. Whether your favorite Star Wars geek is young or old, and whether your budget is big or small, here are a few gifts to consider:

Remote-Controlled Flying Millennium Falcon

1.) Remote-Controlled Flying Millennium Falcon

Remote-controlled toys of any sort are just cool, and nothing is cooler than Han Solo’s legendary Millennium Falcon. If your beloved geek has ever wanted to fly his or her own smuggler’s freighter, this little gadget will be perfect. Please take note, however, that this is an indoor toy only.

Star Wars: The Blueprints2.) Star Wars: The Blueprints

Is your favorite geek more technically inclined? With more than 250 blueprints and 500 photos and illustrations, this hardcover book has all the design specifications from Jabba the Hutt’s throne room to the various droids that populate the Star Wars universe. This book is a true collector’s dream item and has the insider’s guide on how each set went from vision to reality.

Yoda Backpack

3.) Yoda Backpack

True geeks are unashamed of their geekdom and are unafraid of advertising their passion for the Force. This plush, cuddly little Jedi master will hang on your back and hold your stuff, all at the same time. The desire to reach into your wallet and buy this shows you that the Force is strong with this one indeed!

Darth Vader Toaster

4.) Darth Vader Toaster

This is a fun gift for Star Wars fans, but it’s also practical. This toaster imprints a side of the bread with “Star Wars” and also browns the crust to frame it. The toaster is shaped and looks just like Darth Vader. Everyone can use a toaster, and this one is perfect for your friends and family that love Star Wars. You can use coupon codes for Hammacher Schlemmer to save on fun gifts like this.

Star Wars Collectibles

5.) Star Wars Collectibles

Collectibles are always a great way to go when looking for gifts for your friends that are Star Wars fans. Whether you get one-of-a-kind games, or various figurines, you can’t go wrong with collectibles.

Darth Vader Cookie Jar

6.) Darth Vader Cookie Jar

It’s said that the dark side of the force draws its energy from passion and violence. However, there’s a chance that true lure of the dark side may just be some wickedly good cookies. This ceramic cookie jar bears the likeness of Lord Vader himself, as he dares you to sneak a cookie or two out from under his gaze.

Some of these gifts may be more useful than others, but they’re all pretty cool. You may or may not understand your favorite geek’s fascination with Star Wars, but an item from this list will show that you care enough to seek out something that’s fun or fascinating and will surely be appreciated.


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