Skull and Bones Director Unveiled The Ships Will Be Available at Launch

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Skull and Bones

Ubisoft released details of Skull and Bones during its recent showcase, revealing new gameplay and giving us a release date of November 8. In it, players will be let loose on the Indian Ocean to gather Infamy as a pirate, collect their fleet, and become a leading pirates on the seas.

They’ll have to face the merchant ships, factions, other pirates, contracts, and more to be on the top, but of course, they’ll be doing it from the helm of their own ships. Game director Ryan Barnard talked about the ships in Skull and Bones.

Players will get access to three categories of ships, each with a distinct focus. Cargo ships can carry more, Navigation ships are faster and more maneuverable, and Firepower ships are stronger in combat. Players will be able to mix and match their techniques to stick to the particular mission, as well as the playstyles of their friends. Just like any fine Pirate captain, though, players are not restricted to one ship.

At release, there will be a total of 12 unique ships players can craft across the three aforementioned categories. Beyond just their category, there are other elements like ship size that factor into each one. Barnard also stated that players “can craft up to 40 different copies of those ships because you may end up maybe losing a ship to combat or PVP or whatever. “So, it’s always good to have a backup in your garage, so to speak, ready to go,” Barnard says.

It’s essential to note that this is just at release too. Skull and Bones is a live-service multiplayer title, so hearing that more content will be added to the game over time is just par for the course. It’s important, however, that all Skull and Bones post-launch content will be free. Ubisoft hasn’t gotten as far as showing a roadmap or anything like that, but it did say in the showcase a few things players can expect.

Skull and Bones will feature events, new ships, weapons, and more over the coming years. Ubisoft may share more details as the game gets closer to releasaaea, but players will be setting sail before the end of the year.

Skull and Bones release on November 8 for PC, PS5, Stadia, and Xbox Series X.

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