SKULLY Will Hit Gaming Platforms on August 4th

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If you like to roam around on a mysterious island as a skull brought back to life through magical clay? Skully is a tale of Skully, a skull who’s been dead for a while but it is back on track. Through magical clay, a deity brings you back to life after you wash up on the coast of her mysterious island. Why have they brought you back to life? To resolve a feud between them and their 3 siblings, which just so happens to put their island in jeopardy.

As Skully, you’ll roll, jump, and bounce your way around barriers all around the island, in the form you were brought back to life in. With your magical clay skills, you will also be able to take on 3 separate forms. These forms will further help you in solving the puzzles and fighting the creatures that this mysterious island holds. There’ll be 18 different levels in 7 different locations on your journey, as you find out the deity’s family mysteries and the heart of the whole problem.

Skully will be available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Switch, and Steam on August 4th.


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