Skyrim Mod Adds the Horses from The Witcher 3

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Skyrim Mod

A lot of titles are inclined to add in a fast travel mechanic. There are also some which have automobiles as an option, and video game horses are getting more real these days. Games like The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim and The Witcher 3 feature equine friends, and a recent mod for the former has added in the animals from the latter.

As seen by DSO Gaming, modder WillOhTheWisp has created an add-on called simply “Witcher Horse Expansion.” This is a custom mod for Skyrim, specifically the Special Edition, that brings horses from CD Projekt Red’s fantasy epic into the cold climate of Tamriel. In total, it features 20 unique horses, along with 50 horse coat colors, herds of wild horses that roam the land, and more. In short, there are more options for the Dragonborn to get about using one of these horses.

Horses are an essential part of The Witcher 3, affording Geralt the chance to gallop across the Continent with relative ease. Even in Bethesda’s 2011 open-world game, the player has the option of traveling in such a manner, but given that the game has fast travel and a lot of the land is quite mountainous, it’s likely that many refrain from using them. Hopefully, this mod will enable more people to make the most of these majestic animals, especially with all the custom colors that many of them now have. What’s fascinating about this add-on is that WillOhTheWisp was apparently given approval by CDPR itself to put them into Tamriel.

Skyrim Mod

There are lots of unique and interesting mods out there for Skyrim. Some of them may tweak the experience to make it less buggy, while others, such as “Witcher Horse Expansion,” like to add more content to the already expansive world. The modding community is probably the reason why TES5 is still going firm, as it gives the game so much more life to it.

Both Skyrim and The Witcher 3 are deemed the best open-world video games of all time. Both have made a substantial impact in the world of Western RPGs. On top of that, CD Projekt Red is working on the next game in the Witcher saga, while Bethesda is in the early stages of creating The Elder Scrolls 6, though little is known about either of these titles at the moment.


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