Skywind Has a New 20 minute Gameplay Video Revealing an Entire Quest

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The world of gaming has always been full of exciting developments, and the modding community is no exception. One of the most highly anticipated mods in development for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is Skywind. This mod aims to recreate the world of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind within the Skyrim engine, and it has been in development for over a decade. While there is still no official release date for the mod, the team behind it recently unveiled a full 20 minutes of new gameplay footage, which has given fans something to look forward to.

In the new Skywind gameplay footage, we see the player embarking on a quest called “Necromancer in Mawia.” Morrowind fans will recognize the setting and the quest right away. The quest begins in Molag Amur in the Ashlands, where the player is tasked with finding and eliminating a necromancer named Delvam Andarys. As the player sets out on their journey, they use a variety of spells and techniques to navigate the world, including a slowfall spell to safely leap from rooftops, a waterwalking spell to reach an island, and Ondusi’s Open Door spell to unlock a chest.

Throughout the quest, there are several battles with various enemies, including skeletons, Nix-Hounds, and Clannfear. The combat in Skywind looks similar to Skyrim, but the mod team plans to stay as faithful to the original Morrowind as possible. This includes incorporating weapons like spears, crossbows, and throwing knives, as well as a major/minor skill system and custom spells. Additionally, the mod team plans to develop a more modular armor system than what is available in Skyrim.

The video showcases the beautiful world of Morrowind recreated in the Skyrim engine, and while most of the video takes place at night, it is evident that the mod team has put a lot of effort into filling the world with objects and furniture, making it feel more alive than ever before. The quest in the Skywind mod is quite faithful to the original Morrowind, but it has also been enhanced, and not just with the addition of voice acting. The necromancer in the Skywind mod has been updated to be more cunning and prepared, making for a more exciting and challenging experience.

While the video does end with a call for more volunteer modders to work on Skywind, indicating that the release may still be a long way off, the progress shown in the gameplay footage is certainly encouraging. In addition to Skywind, there is another highly anticipated mod in development called Skyblivion, which aims to recreate The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion in the Skyrim engine. The mod team behind Skyblivion released a four-hour gameplay video earlier this year, showcasing their progress.

In conclusion, the Skywind mod for Skyrim is an ambitious project that aims to recreate the world of Morrowind in the Skyrim engine, and the recent gameplay footage is a promising glimpse into what fans can expect. While the mod team is still in need of volunteer modders and there is no official release date, the progress they have made so far is impressive, and it is clear that they are dedicated to creating the most faithful and enjoyable experience possible for fans of The Elder Scrolls series.

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