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Slingo was an idea initially created by 2 New Jersey real estate developers called Dave Lyons and Sal Falciglia in 1994. There are many different versions of the Slingo game which launched on the AOL platform in 1996. It has since inception become popular in the UK online gambling industry with many sites now hosting the game and its various iterations, in part due to the growth of the internet and mobile gaming making players’ favorite titles accessible at virtually any location.

In this article, we will concentrate on the Bingo version of the Slingo games.

Slingo Bingo is a unique and entertaining online casino game, and it is the combination of two of the most popular online casino games available on the Slot and Bingo mechanism. It’s unique in that it offers a hybrid of 75 ball bingo and a traditional slot machine and has fast gained popularity due to its user-friendly gameplay. It has features such as Free Spins, the Joker, Gold Coin, and the Super Joker.

The game has a 5×5 grid with reels that are below the grid, and it is designed to look very similar to that of a bingo card. Slingo Bingo is an immersive online game variant, and bingo lovers and slot lovers alike will keep spinning those reels to some generous rewards.

Slingo Bingo for Beginners

Online slots and Bingo are both top-rated games as they are uncomplicated and easy to grasp. Herewith a guide for beginners so they can make the most of the game:

  • Each player receives a card with a 5×5 number grid and 20 spins.
  • Players then spin to match up the numbers on the reels with time limits imposed on spins.
  • Players continue spinning until the number of spins or the card dries up.

Based primarily on the traditional game of Bingo, players will see that Slingo Bingo’s screen is very similar to that of the Bingo card game.

Speaking Slingo

Speaking Slingo is simple when you get to know the symbols which are:

  • Joker – These are the Wild symbols used to mark off any number in the column above
  • Super Jokers – Super Jokers are used to marking off any number on the whole grid
  • Three or more Jokers/Super Jokers- Landing three or more of these Jesters will see you walk away with Instant Cash Prizes.
  • Free Spin
  • Coin- Instant Cash Prize
  • Devil- Yes, you have guessed correctly; He is evil and blocks potential matches.

The Basics of Playing Slingo Bingo

Before you start playing Slingo Bingo its best to learn the basics of the game to improve your winning chances. Herewith some tips that may be helpful for both avid online players as well as newbies.

  • Stake – Like all online casino games, before playing for real money players make a wager that suits their budgets.
  • Spin – Place a wager and start playing. Initially, you get 11 spins and five automatically generated numbers on the grid below. If a single number matches the number on the grid, it is marked off, similar to Bingo. If players have lady luck on their sides, they can match up to their numbers with every spin.
  • There is a time limit for spinning the reels, and during the game, players stand a chance of winning some Free Spins during the game.
  • Use Powerups – Powerups can improve the number of points players accumulate during a game of Slingo Bingo.

There are 20 numbers on a Slingo card, with the aim to get as many of them marked off as possible. It can become a nail-biting experience, especially when your allocated spins run out. What do you do then? In Slingo Bingo, there is the choice of buying more spins. However, this can become costly, so it’s essential to ensure it is a worthwhile sacrifice like being only a number away from winning a significant prize.

How to Win at Slingo Bingo

Every player likes walking away with some extra cash, and Slingo Bingo is simple because all players need to do is accumulate the highest number of points. Points are rewarded to players as follows:

  • Clearing a line horizontally, vertically or diagonally -200 points
  • Having a coin symbol appear on a spin-1000 points
  • Three jokers in spin-1000 points
  • Four Joker on a spin-2500
  • Five Jokers on a spin- 0000

Should the entire card be cleared, the bonuses received are proportional to the number of spins.

  • 12 Spins=11000 points
  • 13 Spins=10000 points
  • 14 Spins=9000 points
  • 15 Spins=8500 points
  • 16 points-8000 points
  • 17 points=7500 points
  • 18 Spins=7000 points
  • 19 Spins=6500 points
  • 20 Spins =6000 points

Wrapping it up.

Both the brand and the game Slingo Bingo have enjoyed commercial success, and it’s a game praised for its playability and originality. It’s simple and easy to learn the game and is packed with tons of adrenalin-rushing excitement and generous cash prizes. It’s indeed a winner in its own right.

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