Small Multipurpose Tiny Claw is Jack Of All Trades

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Multipurpose Tiny Claw

This is one of the coolest and most handy multi-tool I have ever come across it can be carried easily on your keychain. The Claw has launched this week on Kickstarter and offers a couple of useful tools in a tiny form factor. The bottle opener is the most handy thing if you go to a lot of parties or host a lot of parties. which cleverly uses the split ring to help add extra leverage to the tiny opener making opening bottles a breeze.

Designed by Marlboro and Kane based in London,  the tiny claw multitool is capable of doing more than just opening bottles and offers a screwdriver, lid primer, keyring pry, flint striker, battery remover and more. The pledges starting from just £11 or $15. Worldwide shipping expected to take place during May 2018 now the Kickstarter campaign is successful if production can stay on time once the campaign is finished and funds have been managed. Are you interested in one?


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