Smart Air Conditioners Launched By GE Will Support Alexa, HomeKit And Google

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Smart Air Conditioners

New smart air conditioners have been uncovered by GE, AEC08LX, AEC10AX, AEC12AX, AHP08LX, and AHP10LX all of which are outfitted with the company’s wireless Connect technology. Allowing them to be controlled by a variety of different personal assistant systems such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and even the IFTTT service. GE has also confirmed that the new smart air-conditioners also support Apple HomeKit and are now available via Apple’s HomeKit accessories page.

The modern range of smart air-conditioners by GE will come with energy-saving modes which allow the fan and compressor to shut off temporarily when the room is cool enough saving you time and money. As well as the ability to control them wirelessly directly from a mobile device using the companion smartphone application which supports both iOS and Android devices and is now available to download from their respective online application stores.

Prices of the new smart air conditioners are as follows, AEC08LX priced at $229, AEC10AX available for $289, and the AEC12AX priced at $329. While the AHP08LX is priced at $269 and the AHP10LX costs $329. For more information.’s jump over to the Home Depot website, Lowe’s, or Apple’s HomeKit accessories page.


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