Smart Oven That Download Recipes From The Internet

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The smart oven is capable of providing the user with recipes about what to cook and can even speak the instructions out loud while providing timings that are quite accurate for each step of the method. MAID is currently raising funds on Kickstarter where it managed to surpass its goal of $50,000 within 5 days only.

Although MAID is only a prototype, it already sports quite a number of features such as a recipe store that can provide a myriad range of dishes for the user to select from. The oven shall have a touchscreen that has selections and navigation can be carried out via Maid Assist. Users will also be allowed to upload their own dishes and step-by-step guides.


Upon selection of a recipe the oven reads out the steps and the required cooking time along with temperature is displayed on the screen. The oven can improvise the time and temperature depending upon the serving. For those of you who want some control over the oven, they can opt for the manual settings.

MAID is a traditional microwave and a top-heater oven in one. The team has plans for releasing a MAId app that will synchronize with the oven and shall allow the user to communicate with it in a much better way. MAID will cost $449 and shall begin shipping in November 2015.

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