Smartly Designed Ceiling Fans With Short Curved Blades Specially Made For Tight Spaces

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Ceiling Fans

The Terna Collection by Kichler is a very cleverly designed line of pendant ceiling fans with short curved blades that revolve around the light fixture itself. The shape of the fans is somewhat reminiscent of a cuttlefish mantle margin, which waves as the cephalopod glides through the water. These fans are also good for those with low ceilings, limited space or perhaps for those who just don’t like long ceiling fan blades. Cole Semankor of Vintage Fans and More made a video showing the fans in action.

Terna offers the fun and whimsy of a pinwheel, modernized. The size and scale make it ideal for use in small spaces or in multiples. Think walk in closets, dining nooks or over a desk.

Kichler Terna Bronze

Kichler Terna LoungeKichler Terna


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