Smartphone Apps Can Make Workouts More Fun

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Since almost everybody owns a smartphone, software developers have created some excellent fitness apps that will make your training routine more fun. There are times when you don’t feel like working out when you need some additional motivation. Whether you are doing sprints or lifting weights, these apps can give you that extra push to keep you on track to achieve your fitness goals. If you are aiming to gain some considerable mass and strength, you can also use anadrol to help you achieve these objectives faster. With the development of fitness apps, your daily exercises transform from an obligation into an enjoyable experience. Some of these apps include:

Zombies, run

For anybody on a fitness program, running has always been something that you do not like to do. While some individuals enjoy running, others find it to be a dull activity. Zombies, run is an app that can encourage you to run by making it an enjoyable experience. It is an audiobook storytelling exercise paired with a narrative that will make you hit the road day in and day out. You become a survivor of a zombie apocalypse, where you are assigned some mission objectives, communicated to you through audio recordings. This app creates an entertaining story that makes users excited to run.

Burn your fat with me

This app is a bit different from other fitness apps. It allows you to choose a “training partner” with whom you will exercise. This partner will encourage you to finish different trials. This app comes with a considerable amount of content. Its story mode contains 800 lines of dialogue in an audio form and a total of 15 episodes in which the difficulty increases as you move from one episode to another. The good thing about this app is that it contains versions tailored to both men and women.

Superhero workout

If you are into fitness, you will not want to leave out this app on your phone. The app was created by the same guys behind Zombies, run. It incorporates an element of gaming to make your training even more enjoyable. Its storyline is about defending the earth against invasion by the help of a battle suit known as AEGIS One. You are tasked with saving all humanity, and thus you have to finish different workouts to acquire new weapons, shields, and crucial abilities. Additionally, you can use the app to count the reps you do, and it can also measure the number of calories you torch!


This apps keep track of your movements, awarding you points as you work out. While it seems simple, the points earned can be of great use, as you can redeem them for gift cards from some popular stores. It is also an app that allows for some competition between co-workers and friends.


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