How Smartphones Are Improving Higher Learning

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Ways in Which Smartphones are Making Higher Learning Smarter

It is impossible to gainsay the fact that the world has gone mobile since its effects are visible to all. In this post, our education pundits at dissertify will share out some of the smart ways through which mobile technology is benefiting higher learning. Keep reading to discover how you can turn your smartphone into a powerful educational tool.

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Online Discussion Forums

Online forums and chat rooms are common in every sphere of life. The higher education sector is not left behind given that lecturers and learners can optimize the power of group features available on smartphones to create online discussion forums and groups. This way, they can encourage class participation on critical topics outside classrooms. Students can chat and discuss with each other anytime and anywhere without the physical supervision of their lecturers and report back to them. Moreover, university dons can follow those discussions to update themselves with the proceedings.

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Audio Recording

In modern academic settings, students need personal and quality feedback on their work. With a smartphone, lecturers can utilize the audio recording capabilities of these devices to give their scholars quality and personalized feedback. In fact, many students love this approach and prefer it to the traditional text one that lacks a personal touch and liveliness.

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Quicker Research

Research lies at the heart of all tertiary learning processes. With a decent smartphone or phonetab, students can conduct quality research anywhere and conveniently. They no longer need to carry heavy laptops as in the former days. Moreover, these phones can also help them in writing down their notes since they can accommodate dictation programs.

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Live Polling Tools

With a decent smartphone, lecturers can utilize many free and premium tools to assess their students’ knowledge levels. They can also use them to know what they lack and which areas require more concentration based on their strengths and weaknesses. This way, it becomes easy for them to offer students personalized attention and remedy in their weak areas.

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Real-time Monitoring

Besides filling classroom learning with fun, smartphones are great tools for monitoring how learners are faring with their classroom assignments. Using these tools, tutors can know who is trailing their classmates in a given area. This way, they can adjust the assignments and workload accurately to establish parity.

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Seamless Cloud Learning

Who said that only companies should enjoy cloud services? By using smartphones that are connected to the cloud, learners can move from working in their traditional classrooms to anywhere they wish. This way, it is easy for them to save time and improve their organizational skills.

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Access to E-reading

The last way through which smartphones are making higher learning smarter is by giving students access to e-reading. With these tools, they can access the latest versions of textbooks and other learning materials in real-time. Formerly, it was hectic and time-consuming to update learning materials.

Now you know that smartphone can help you to achieve more than just texting, calling, or chatting, the ball is in your court to turn it into a learning tool.


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