SmartShaker Wireless Smartphone Controlled Alarm

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SmartShaker Wireless Smartphone Controlled Alarm

Wake up on time without disturbing your spouse or roommate by using SmartShaker.

SmartShaker pairs to your smartphone via Bluetooth and allows you to set your alarm by time and date, as well as choose whether to be woken by vibration, alarm tone or both.

SmartShaker is the perfect wake up alarm for couples, roommates, heavy sleepers and people with hearing impairments.
Easy-To-Use App
SmartShaker works with a free, user-friendly app that allows you to set up to 10 alarms, customize alarm options, view the remaining battery life in SmartShaker and even check the weather for your current location.

A Smarter Alarm
Pair your phone to SmartShaker wirelessly and set your alarm. SmartShaker will remember the alarm and continue to work even if you misplace your phone or leave it in another room. Keep your phone in another room to avoid being woken by unwanted calls and notifications.

Shake Up Your Mornings
The vibration from SmartShaker wakes you up without disturbing anyone else in the room.

Wake Up The Way You Want
Wake up to vibration only, alarm tone only or a combination of both.

Small Size, Full Features
Although thinner and more compact than traditional alarms, SmartShaker™ retains must have features like the Snooze button.

A Battery That Lasts
A long-lasting rechargeable battery allows you to use it for a month before neding to recharge

Elegant Colors
White – Green – Pink – Blue – Black



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