SNIPER ELITE 5 Gets A New Multiplayer Map And DLC

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Rebellion has just revealed some additional content for one of this year’s most significant games, Sniper Elite 5. Fighting in the shadows of WWII, Sniper Elite 5 is delivering a brand new map to multiplayer called Kraken’s Lair. For those acquainted with the campaign map, it is now coming to the fast-paced multiplayer mode for gamers to battle and uncovers the map’s different hidden features.

Along with the new free map, players will also be able to buy the new Up Close and Personal Weapon and Skin Pack which features 2 new weapons and skins.

  • Win & Co 1885 – Weapon Pack (Rifle + Attachments)

  • ERMA.36 – Weapon Pack (Submachine Gun + Attachments)

  • Tank Top – Character Skin (Karl and Monika variants)

The latest weapons contain a nice combination of a close-quarters combat SMG as well as a mid-range rifle, all of which include different attachments to customize to your liking. The latest skin for Karl and Monika helps reveal their toned and athletic physique with the Tank Top variants.

The Up Close and Personal Weapon and Skin Pack are available now as part of Season Pass One for Sniper Elite 5. It is also available as a standalone acquisition for $10.99.

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