Snowrunner Trailer Revealed Big Trucks, Mud, And Release Date

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Snowrunner, which is a sequel to Mudrunner, is a driving simulator set in rugged road environments in the US and Russia, with vehicles ranging from classic pickups and 4x4s to large commercial and industrial trucks, and even a few military vehicles. A new trailer released today showcases a number of them in action and also delves into what exactly it is you’re doing out there in the middle of that rough wilderness terrain, and what you might see as you travel.

Snowrunner features many maps covering three distinct sections that collectively add up to more than triple the real estate available in Mudrunner. Each map has different contracts and projects to complete, with no checkpoints or preset routes: What you do and how you do it is completely up to you. The in-game store offers 40 various vehicles to drive, from “scouts” to big haulers, each with customizable engines, gearbox settings, suspensions, tires, and a lot more.

As you advance into the game, you’ll unlock new regions and landmarks, some of which will have an impact on the game world. Stick with it and you’ll finally reach Snowrunner’s end-game content: Lucrative contracts that span many maps, requiring thorough planning and resource administration to complete.

There’s something vaguely passionate about the prospect of grinding gears through the deepest mud on the planet that really interests to me and I’m very excited about the game.

Snowrunner will be released on April 28, on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation.


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