Socam Ultimate Cam Features 330-Degree Rotating Lens

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Socam Ultimate Cam

The Socam Ultimate’s special feature is a 330-degree lens that can be rotated for quickly adjusting the camera’s viewing orientation.

Styled like a tradtitional camcorder, it comes with a narrow front and rear, with  the lens out front and controls opposite it.  We’re guessing it’s for better aerodynamics, with air more easily passing through the slim frame rather than the entire slab as it is with the GoPro’s form factor.

The Socam Ultimate is designed to be side-mounted using an adjustable quick-connect clip that can be slid into adhesive-backed mounts that you stick onto whichever surfaces you want to hold the camera, although it can also be set up on a 1/4-20 tripod bolt.  The rotating 330-degree f2.4 lens means you can mount it in whichever way is most convenient, then simply adjust the lens to get the perfect angle — no need to spend precious time readjusting the mount.


Features include a variety of shooting modes (1080p/30fps, 120 fps slow-mo, time laps, burst, and video looping), WiFi (so it can be controlled via an app), SDHC card storage, and an included waterproof housing, rated at up to 1 meter depths.  The housing is designed to accommodate optional accessories, including backup batteries, a GPS module, and a tracking module with sensors for velocity, orientation, and gravitational pull.

Will be available in April, the Socam Ultimate will retail for €269. For more click here.

Socam Ultimate Cam

Socam Ultimate Cam


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