Social Media Marketing – 5 Best Channels For Business 2021

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There are many social media channels. Some are effective for business marketing and others not. To succeed with social media marketing, you have to use the right channels and implement the right strategies. 

Some of these social media channels, such as Instagram and Facebook, are essential in the modern market. That’s why you find most businesses are using these common channels to engage customers with their products and services. 

However, it is challenging for your business to be on any channel, especially when running a small business with a tight budget. But the success of your business may depend on the social media channels and strategies you use. For instance, Facebook is a great way to market your business. You just need to sign up and concentrate on gaining Facebook followers.

To have a better understanding of various social media platforms, read on:

  • Facebook 

Facebook is among the newest social media platforms. The good thing about this channel is that it is cool and a breeze to use. Another advantage of Facebook is that it’s the largest social platform – in terms of users. 

It is recorded to have over two billion active users monthly. This is a huge business market. 

Besides facebook providing you the ability to connect with a huge number of audiences, it has other excellent features. These are the features that make this social media platform effective for marketing. So, you have to ensure your content will reach the right users at the right time. As mentioned above you need to gain Facebook followers for your business to be successful. There are a number of ways to do this.

  • Instagram 

The other type of marketing platform that makes it easy for your business is Instagram. Perhaps, this platform is great because it’s part of Facebook. Today, the marketing channel has over one billion active users. 

Studies report that Instagram is among the best social channels you can use for your business marketing. Some of the reasons to use this channel are that it targets the younger demographic and is therefore suitable for your products and services marketing.

Statistics reports indicate that over 70% of Instagram users are teenagers and young adults. If your business products or services fit the audience category, this is the right platform for you. 

  • LinkedIn 

This social media platform started as an employment-based and business social channel platform. 

The platform has professionals across various industries – particularly in B2B companies. It doesn’t have many users like Facebook, but it can boast over 300 million active users. And that can be put that it has a 2X smaller audience than Instagram and 4X than Facebook. 

In this social media platform, the correlated part with significant strength is the news feed. This newsfeed isn’t competitive like other giants – Facebook or Instagram. That’s the reason why your business can reach more followers and connections without paying any amount for the advertisements. And this works excellently with B2B social media marketing. 

  • Twitter 

Twitter is one of the most popular social channels in the world. The platform has over 330 million users worldwide. So, the high number of active users makes your product or service trend easily. That’s because Twitter is a real-time platform; when you use Twitter, it’s like you’re sending messages across the world. 

Outstandingly, with this social media platform, you don’t have to upload a bunch of photos or videos to stand out. The tweets you can create are about 280 characters- these can craft a sharp, concise, and sharp message. The limited characters force the marketing team to be creative in what they say to the audience. 

  • Pinterest 

Pinterest is a significant social media channel. It has an advantage over others because of its search engine capabilities. You find most visitors of this channel searching for helpful or inspirational content. Perhaps, when someone wants a new cooking recipe, they jump to Pinterest and find the food they want to cook. 

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