Software Development Outsourcing: Meeting Challenges and Avoiding Possible Problems

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Businesses have been always looking for new ways to meet their challenges in faster, more effective and cost-efficient ways. In this regard, new technologies provided more opportunities than ever. And one of these opportunities is called outsourcing.

Basically, outsourcing is entrusting certain business processes that are possible to be done remotely to teams outside the company’s own on-site staff. Nowadays, many professionals are able to do their job anywhere and at any time, solving companies’ problems and finding new ways of improvement.

Very often, when it comes to outsourcing, we mean exactly custom software development that promises amazing advantages for companies that decide to make use of such services. Here are their five main benefits:

  1. Ability to focus on the core mission of the business;
  2. Better productivity;
  3. Flexibility;
  4. Lower expenses – both on the employees and on the necessary equipment;
  5. Access to new remote talents.

Despite all this, many business owners and managers describe software development outsourcing as their worst nightmare. In their opinion, it is extremely painstaking and time-consuming process with an unpredictable result, which is, more often, of unacceptably low-quality and, therefore, requiring countless adjustments.

This means that the main thing when you look for an outsourcing company is to find the one that you actually need: the one that delivers all the promises, the one that actually sees your needs and knows how to deliver the result that meets your expectation and even exceeds them.


One of the examples of such companies is Ukraine’s Intellias with its outstanding software development team. This company has been steadily proving its trustworthiness and expertise for 16 years since it was launched.

It won numerous awards, including Best IT Employer by DOU, grew to 4 development centers (3 in Ukraine and 1 in Germany) and delivered countless successful projects to customers from different industries with a special focus in automotive connected car software. Its products including automotive software like navigation systems reach 2 billion users worldwide.

One of the company’s main marks of pride is its well-developed engineering culture with a flat organization, where every employee and their ideas matter. Along with the high level of expertise of its dedicated team, this culture helped Intellias become one of the most reliable and interesting outsourcing companies out there.

As for team, it includes over 1000 professionals, many of which are of Senior-level (more than industry-average), led by technical top management. These professionals are able to deeply understand your needs and deliver the best results possible within your schedule.

So, you may look for a right partner through trial and error, losing money, and what is more important, precious time in the process. And you may opt for the company that has proven its reliability. The choice is up to you.


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