Solofy Mesh One Will Charge Your Gadgets On The Go

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Solofy Mesh One

There are various solutions for charging your devices on the go, and now Mark Boda has come up with Solofy, a new solar backpack that is designed to recharge your gadgets as fast as a wall outlet.

The Solofy Mesh One backpack comes with an output of 10 Watts (2A), and it can be used to charge a wide range of gadgets, the developers are raising €3,200 on Kickstarter to but the device into production.

The goal was to create a lightweight, foldable backpack with a low profile and a unique design, focusing on simplicity yet providing function. Something that incorporates easily into everyday use without requiring attention or concern. Solofy Mesh One is built for adventure, it handles weather very well and provides the required power to sustain the recharging needs of iPads, iPhones, and any other USB chargeable device. The limitations of previous solar backpacks do not apply as Solofy Mesh One aims to provide a no-compromise solution. Charge quickly and efficiently while securing devices in the water-resistant tough mesh fabric, inside its 12L capacity.

You can find out more details about the Solofy Mesh One solar backpack over at Kickstarter at the link below, the device is available for €119 or $149.


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