SoloWheel Hovertrax – It Is The Cool Thing Ever!

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SoloWheel Hovertrax

The SoloWheel Hovertrax takes the form of a two wheeled self balancing board that is controlled in the similar way to that of a Segway, by leaning your weight forward or backwards to control the speed.

Josh Constine over on the Tech Crunch website was able to put the unique personal vehicle through its paces at this years CES 2015 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas explaining:

“The tilt-based controls were surprisingly reactive and I didn’t want for more power. Still, I don’t think any amount of riding would make you feel like you weren’t about to faceplant. Standing up straight and forward seems like too precarious of a position to ride safely around traffic or any kind of ground turbulence.”

SoloWheel Hovertrax

For more information on the new SoloWheel Hovertrax jump over to the SoloWheel website for details, full specifications and the ability to pre-order your very own for $995 via the link below.



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