Solpro Solar Charging iPhone 6 Battery Pack 

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Solpro Solar Charging iPhone 6 Battery Pack 

The Solpro Snap 6 Case with Solar Folio for iPhone 6 has been designed by Bill Pike and 1 hours charging in the sun will provide you with 120 of extra talk time or 90 minutes of extra surfing time on the Internet.

The iPhone 6 battery case is available with either a 50 percent extra batter of 100 percent extra battery and is available to purchase from $64 complete with removable solar panel.

“The folio cover is reversible so you can still use your phone while the solar panel is charging it. When the panel is receiving enough energy to charge the battery the orange indicator light will glow.
The folio cover also includes a minimalist wallet so you can bring along just what you need. Ok, so it’s really a small sleeve and not much of a wallet, but you get the idea.

The folio cover is also removable. Whenever you don’t need the solar panel or folio cover simply detach it. This is great if you’re going out for the evening and want to slim down your phone.

Insert your phone and it starts charging. Want to save the battery for later? Simply press and hold the charge indicator button. The Solpro Snap is available for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. You can select a reward that includes the Snap Case & Solar Folio Cover or just the Snap Case.  You can select the Snap 6 Slim with 50% battery, the Snap 6 with 100% battery, or the Snap 6 Plus with 60% battery.”


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