Some NBA 2K23 Items Cost More Than Their Real-Life Counterparts

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NBA 2K23

Most of the NBA 2K23 players have caught that some in-game items cost even more than the real-life versions, like a durag that is actually more expensive in the 2K Sports game than it is in reality. NBA 2K23 was released earlier this month, and players are still noticing small details like the previous dubious prices among minor bugs and glitches as they contend in head-to-head basketball matches.

Like with earlier NBA 2K releases, 2K23 is packed with microtransactions that include cosmetic options that let players compete on the basketball court in special outfits. One of the more unique cosmetic options was revealed during a recent Dr. Disrespect stream as 2K Sports has done motion capture to accurately describe the two-time champion in the game. Unlike larger bundles that deliver more value, the NBA 2K23 durags will set players back 15,000 VC which equates to $4.99 while a physical durag on its own costs $4.49, with both examples supplied by Reddit user JimiForReal.

JimiForReal shared one NBA 2K23 screenshot alongside a picture of an Amazon listing for the real-life equivalent to sufficiently reflect the price discrepancy, with the in-game version cleverly concealed by a virtual currency rather than a dollar amount. Although it’s just a small item in NBA 2K23 with little ramifications, JimiForReal chose to highlight the digital durag as an easy example, while other things like shirts and pants will cost you even more in the game than on Amazon.

NBA 2K23 players can earn the in-game currency in various amounts, from the lowest of 5,000 sets to $1.99 and the most elevated bundle running fans back $99.99 to obtain a whopping 450,000 VC. These points can be used on small items like the durag in JimiForReal’s screenshot to big ones like better players for one’s NBA roster or attribute that are important to the gameplay. NBA 2K23 players that choose not to pay money on VC can still earn it by playing games and meeting certain challenges which each give short increments of the sought-after currency.

NBA 2K23 is available now for Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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