Some Useful FOR HONOR Tips And Tricks

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For Honor

If you are looking for some tips and tricks of For Honor, then you are in luck, Ubisoft has given a little guidance on how to crush your enemies in battle, over on the official PlayStation blog.

The For Honor open beta provides gamers with access to 9 playable heroes, as well as a new game mode, Elimination, which lets two teams battle against each other in a best-of-five, four-on-four match with no respawns.

Mikel Reparaz provides a few tips to help you stay alive and crush your competition:

– Switch Stances Frequently
You can raise your weapon to automatically block attacks from the top, left, or right — and your enemies can do the same. Keep an eye on your opponent’s stance (indicated by the arrows hovering over them) and match it to block attacks, or quickly switch to a different stance to cut around their guard.

– Different Heroes, Different Abilities
Each of the nine available heroes in the open beta have a different feel, different attack combos, and special abilities that make them an asset to their teams. The Warlord, for example, can keep enemies at bay by blocking in all directions at once, while the Peacekeeper can cut foes so they bleed out gradually. Also, bear in mind that the Peacekeeper and Orochi only maintain their stances for a few seconds, so stay engaged and keep their guard up if you’re playing as them.

– Communication is Key
This is especially true in four-on-four matches. Players who coordinate attacks on territories in Dominion matches and call out for help when they’re outnumbered have a better shot at victory than those who bunch up or strike out on their own.

– Use the Environment
Are you locked in combat near a cliff? Maneuver your enemy near the edge, break their block, and throw them to their doom for a quick victory. Also, keep an eye out for spiked walls and other hazards, which can deal damage or instant kills if you shove an opponent into them.

– Don’t Forget Feats
Each Hero comes with a selection of Feats, special items and abilities that you earn through combat. Some of these are passive buffs, but others can blind enemies, heal your wounds, and call down arrow or catapult strikes to immediately turn the tide of battle. Keep an eye on which ones have unlocked and use them when you can.


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