Someone Actually Ate GTA San Andreas Big Smoke Fast Food Order

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Big Smoke Fast Food Order

Matt Stonie is Youtuber who creates food challenge videos, such as eating a giant bowl of Cheerios. Now this time he takes the challenge of a decade old game and he attempted GTA character named Big Smoke in-game order which is 9000+ calorie mega-meal. In GTA San Andreas, during the mission “Drive-Thru”, you and a few other characters go through a Cluckin Bell drive-thru. Big Smoke, one of the leaders of the Grove Street Family gang, proceeds to order an insane amount of food. His complete order is:

Two number 9s

A number 9 large

A number 6 with extra dip

A number 7

Two number 45s

One with cheese

And a large soda

It’s one thing to figure out what the real world version of this order would look like, but actually seeing it on a table is another thing. It takes Stonie 35 minutes to complete the challenge! Check out the video below.

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