Someone Found a 30-Year-Old Apple Mac Computer (And It Still Works and Play Games)

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Apple Mac

A professor from New York had Gen Xers taking a trip down memory lane when he posted images of a dusty, 30-year-old Apple IIe computer, in full working order, on Twitter on Saturday.

John Pfaff, a law professor at Fordham University, discovered the old computer, the third model in the Apple II series launched in 1983, in his parents’ attic. He was shocked to find that it still switched on and even allowed him to load previously saved games.

“Put in an old game disk. Asks if I want to restore a saved game. And finds one!,” Pfaff, 44, tweeted. “It must be 30 years old. I’m 10 years old again.”

The professor tweeted pictures of the 1980s games that were saved on the computer, including the adventure game Neuromancer and the sports game Olympic Decathlon.

Pfaff went on to restore the saved game of Adventureland, the first text command game released for microcomputers and released by Scott Adams in 1978.

“What shall I do next,” reads the prompt on the screen. “This is tricky because three decades later I can’t quite remember where I left off this round of Adventureland.”

Pfaff also found old letters typed on the computer by his father, who passed away last year. “My dad passed away almost exactly a year ago. It’s amazing to come across something so ‘ordinary’  from him’, he tweeted.

He also found floppy disks with several different games and posted a photo of them side-by-side with a Mario Kart 8 game for the Nintendo Switch, for comparison.

“My kids thought things were insanely retro when my wife and I played NES Super Mario on the oldest’s Switch,” Pfaff said. “Tomorrow morning their definition of retro is going to shift.”

The Apple IIe was one of most long-standing computers of the Apple II series, which marked Apple’s first launch of a personal computer aimed at a consumer market — branded towards American households rather than businessmen or computer hobbyists.

Pfaff said he enjoyed providing a bit of nostalgia to his Twitter followers. “I’m so happy that this [Twitter thread] seems to have brought back so many good memories for so many people.”



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