Someone is Creating a Tesla Model S Limousine

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 Tesla Model S Limousine

Big Limos company, creating a new limo for it’s fleet that’s going to send shockwaves through the stretch limo industry forever and it is the mighty Tesla Model S limousine; the first supersized Tesla in history.

Big Limo literally cut the the Model S in half, in order to extend the wheelbase.Thankfully, the bed of 7000-plus individual lithium-ion battery cells (that sit in 16 modules to make up the Tesla’s 85kWh battery pack) was removed before splitting the chassis in two.

Adding extra stuff to a car already clocking in at 2,106 kg in standard form will likely affect performance. The added floorspace then, allows for even more battery assistance.

Here’s hoping the team at Big Limo will spec the 464bhp e-motor – which is already potent enough to make the Model S ballistically quick for a Panamera-sized barge – then add the P85D’s additional 218bhp motor to the front axle. That’ll give it all-wheel drive, 682bhp, and 695lb ft on demand.


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