Someone Is Sellign iPhone X On Ebay For $2,995

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 iPhone X

The new iPhone X went up for pre-order recently, I have to say the phone is expensive enough already with prices starting at $999 for the 64GB model and $1149 for the $256GB model. pre-orders of the iPhone X have already sold out online and now the new iPhone has started rising up on eBay for ridiculous prices. Someone is selling for an iPhone X preorder for $60,000, click here for more.

One listing for the new iPhone X is offering the handset for $2,995 for a 256GB model, this is almost three times what Apple is charging for the handset. There appear to be a lot of listing for Apple’s new iPhone on eBay with large markups in the price over the original price.

We just heard that the shipping of the new iPhone has changed to 5 to 6 weeks, this means that demand for the handset is high and Apple is unable to meet all of the demand for the device on launch day.

The new iPhone will go on sale on 3rd November 2017. Apple will have more handset in their Apple Store on the launch day. It is not apparent as yet on how much merchandise the company will have next Friday. if today’s pre-orders are anything to go by, then demand or the phone will be quite high. Expect huge queuing at the Apple store next week.


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