SONIC COLORS ULTIMATE Third Trailer is Here!

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Sega has unveiled its third spotlight trailer for Sonic Colors: Ultimate. In the trailer we will get to see some of the levels you’ll get to play in, including:

  • Tropical Resort – Explore Sonic’s home planet that is a lush and vibrant resort

  • Sweet Mountain – Travel through a dream world of delicious delectables and delights

  • Starlight Carnival – Tour the edges of space, accompanied by a dazzling armada

  • Planet Wisp – Explore the under construction environment that is wild with vegetation and danger

  • Aquarium Park – Swim and bathe amongst unknown creatures in this aquatic wonderland

  • Asteroid Coaster – Experience the weightlessness and euphoria of rushing through the cosmos on an unpredictable space coaster

Sonic Colors: Ultimate is out now on PlayStation®4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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