Sonic Soak Is a Smallest Laundry Gadget

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Sonic Soak

The tech gadgets we use every day keep getting smaller and smaller—phones, speakers, TVs—but for some reason, washing machines are still hulking masses that take up floor space and cost a fortune.

Well, that may all change thanks to Sonic Soak, an ultrasonic cleaning device that fits in the palm of your hand.

Sonic Soak can clean ANYTHING that you can safely submerge in water. Clothes, jewelry, food, dishes—you name it. And, it does so while using 40x less water and 10x less power than a conventional washer.

Here’s how it works.

Sonic Soak uses ultrasonic technology to clean better and faster than your washing machine. That’s right, it uses sound waves (50,000 sound waves per second, to be exact)! These waves literally vibrate dirt, grime, stains, and more off of anything.

Can sound really clean better than a washing machine? Well, Sonic Soak claims that it cleans 99.9% of dirt and bacteria, including “permanent” stains (wine, blood, oil, etc.). We put that claim to the test.

We took three different objects and put them up against Sonic Soak’s ultrasonic waves:

  1. A casserole dish with burnt grime caked to the bottom
  2. An old, tarnished ring
  3. A white T-shirt covered in red wine and permanent marker

To start, we filled a tub with a few gallons of water and a little soap (you can use a sink too). Then we plugged in the sonic soak and dropped the wand into the water with each item.

Sonic Soak

At the flip of a switch, we watched as food, stains, and what we thought were permanent scuff marks lifted off each item and vanished before our eyes! And it only took a few minutes!

So, does Sonic Soak really clean better than your washer? 100% YES.

See video:

But, there are a few things to consider before throwing out your washer. First, you can only clean one item at a time, so doing your laundry with Sonic Soak isn’t really convenient. Second, different items can take different amounts of time to clean completely (up to 30 minutes sometimes).

Sonic Soak

In the end, Sonic Soak may not be an ideal replacement for a washing machine or dishwasher, but it definitely works wonders on stains and hard-to-clean items.

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