Sonobo Wireless Earbuds For That Crisp Audiophile Sound

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Sonobo revealed a new pair of wireless earbuds for audiophiles featuring target noise cancellation, hearing safety, and more cool features. Sonobo states they have built the “most advanced earphones on the market featuring breathtaking audiophile sound”. “Loaded with many new innovative features, we promise these are the best earphones you will ever own”. Features include new selective noise-canceling technology, remote noise canceling, Voice Boost mode, Awareness Mode, GunSonics, adjustable sidetone, support for Apple Siri, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and a lot more.

Backer early bird pledges are now available for the project from $96 or £71. If the Sonobo campaign triumphantly raises its needed pledge goal and the project completion progresses easily, worldwide shipping is expected to take place in November 2021. To read more about the Sonobo wireless earbuds review the promotional video below.

Sonobo wireless earbuds

“When we say that Sonobo delivers the most amazing sound you’ve ever experienced, we mean that you’re going to hear the music the way the artist intended for you to hear it – full, warm, brilliant, immersive sound without overblown bass and boosted high-mids. We’re offering you earphones specifically designed for the palates of sound engineers, but made available to the public.”

“In fact, we have so many innovative, game-changing features, we can truly say that Sonobo is the most amazing listening experience you’ve ever had. In the true spirit of crowdfunding, our line of Sonobo earphones is priced to reward backers for supporting exciting, genuinely new innovation that will otherwise not make it to the public.”

“Sonobo One is the first in a very special range of feature-rich, premium earphones engineered to deliver best-in-class audio while protecting users with an unobtrusive safe listening system. In fact, Sonobo are the first earphones to track and show your remaining Safe Listening Time based upon how loud your music is, how long you’ve been listening to it, and how sensitive your ears are to the frequencies of the music you’re listening to”

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