SONS OF THE FOREST New Trailer Revealed Locations, Enemies And Action

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Endnight Games revealed everything that game has to offer in this new trailer, In this new trailer you will see a lot of locations, creatures, and some action from the game, The Forest, looks great and have a lot to offer, it seems like a survival game with extensive building options, which I like in a game, As fans of this game would know, there was a complete secret underground science facility that was never shown in the original trailers, so what does that mean when it comes to the next game will reveal everything, from the science facility to the creatures?

I am happy to see the second game will be released soon in 2021! The complete list of platforms hasn’t been revealed yet, but it is likely going to be on all the platforms as the original game is available on. Till then check out the trailer below and see the ways you can build and kill off enemies.


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