Sony is Planning To Acquire a Game Studios To Develop PS5 Exclusives

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Sony ps4 Version 2.0

Sony is preparing for some expansion as we get closer to the release of the PS5. In a recent investors conference, Jim Ryan revealed that Sony plans to spend in further first-party studios “through organic growth and acquisitions.” The timeline for these purchases was made clear to be in the build-up to the PS5 release in 2020. Sony first-party studios have already been known for years for producing some of the most remarkable experiences in gaming and to see Sony looking to grow that line-up is a win for all gamers! No studios have been revealed at this time as possible acquiring.

This really feels directly linked to the recent buying binge of studios from Microsoft, who have got a number of studios to support their next-gen line-up. regardless, one of the most relevant choices for investment would be Insomniac who has worked closely with Sony for nearly 25 years. Insomniac, however, has a great will to be an independent studio however and has left there PlayStation exclusive development days behind back in 2013.

The company has since published games on the Xbox 360, Xbox One and Oculus. That isn’t to say becoming a first-party Sony studio is out of the question since it would still allow for Insomniac to grow in both traditional and VR based games production. I could also see Sony getting a number of independent studios who have released games on the PS4 over the last 5 years.

Which studios do you think Sony should pick up and join the PlayStation first-party line-up?


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