Sony PS5 Price May Have Been Revealed On Amazon

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PlayStation 5

With Sony officially revealed the PS5, we still need to know the cost of the console. Sony had previously hinted that it will not be cheap and it will be price higher than previous consoles, but how much more expensive will it be than the PS4?

This information comes thanks to Ben Geskin who shared a screenshot on Twitter where he stumbled across a listing for the console on Amazon France. According to the listing, the PS5 is priced at €499 for the standard version, and €399 for the Digital Edition. This converts to around $565 and $450 respectively.

If these prices are correct, this makes the PS5 more costly than its predecessor by at least $150, and also probably more expensive than the Xbox Series X which some specialists believe could be priced starting at $399. It should be seen that this isn’t the first time that we’ve seen a PS5 listing on Amazon.

The former listing was later removed and was confirmed to be a mistake, so this could be wrong as well.

Source: Ubergizmo


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