Sony Revealed The New IRON MAN VR Experience for PlayStation 4, Trailer is Here

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Sony has joined forces with Marvel for a new Iron Man VR experience for PlayStation 4, and they revealed the new project with an awesome trailer which you can watch it below.

The virtual reality game will allow gamers and fans of Iron Man to see the world through the eyes of Tony Stark as he suits up as Iron Man and goes flying around to save the day. The footage shown in the trailer shows off the heads-up display from inside Stark’s helmet as he runs through skies in an attempt to stop a plane from falling.

It looks like players will full control over Iron Man’s armor and his arsenal of weapons. It’s also revealed that Ghost will be a villain in the game, and as you’ll see, Tony’s A.I., Friday, will also be appearing in hologram form.

There’s no released date for Iron Man VR, but we will update you as soon as it becomes available.

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