Sony Reveals Free PS Plus Games for December Including Borderlands 2

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Alongside their shiny new PS4 console all gamers also got a free 30-day trial of PlayStation Plus, Sony’s premium online service. While current subscribers are well aware of the added benefits PS Plus offers, a whole new selection of PlayStation owners are now getting in on the action.

Although we don’t cover them often, since the PS Plus population has recently grown we thought it a good idea to detail the new Instant Game Collection additions for December. After all it’s free games, and who doesn’t like free games?

Instant Game Collection, as most know, is Sony’s library of free games they offer to PS Plus subscribers on PS3, Vita, and now PS4. The titles available rotate, but as long as a subscriber downloads the game, and stays a PS Plus subscriber, it’s theirs. Some of the more popular titles to make the Instant Game Collection list include Uncharted 3, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, and Saints Row: The Third.

For next month, Sony is giving gamers a real treat in the form of Borderlands 2, Gearbox Software’s open world shooter sequel. As gamers head into the holidays, Borderlands 2 will offer plenty of content to pore over.

In addition to Borderlands 2, PS Plus subscribers will also net themselves the racing sequel Grid 2, the racing/puzzler Dyad, and two Vita titles: Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed and Urban Trial Freestyle. No PS4 additions unfortunately, but Resogun and Contrast are still available.

One more time, here’s the full list of December PS Plus games:

PS3: Borderlands 2, Grid 2, Dyad

Vita: Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, Urban Trial Freestyle

While many of the service’s more useful features (like automatic downloads), have made their way across the PS Plus pay wall, the Instant Game Collection is still one of the service’s more intriguing offerings. And let us not forget that PS4 players need to sbuscribe for online play.

Yes, Microsoft has begun a similar program, but it’s not on the scale of Sony’s. For that matter, Microsoft’s program offers games that are several years old.

With many of those PS Plus 30-Day trials slated to end next month, Sony has clearly tried to state their case for keeping the service going. They’ve yet to disappoint thus far, but we’ll see how they factor the PS4 into PS Plus in the near future.

After experiencing a short trial of PS Plus are you likely to remain a subscriber? What Instant Game Collection title would you like to see Sony roll out next?


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