Sony Xperia X: A Delight For camera Lovers

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Sony Xperia X

Japanese tech giant, Sony has brought a new mid-ranged smartphone model named as the Sony Xperia X. The Sony Xperia X comes along with the XA and also the X Performance in some countries, and the trio has arrived to put an end to the aging Z series. Among the three musketeers of the mobile phones, the new Sony Xperia X holds the middle order.

The Sony Xperia X is essentially the successor to Xperia Z5, only it is not named as the Xperia Z6, but the Xperia X. The smartphone’s market positioning is pretty much complicated as it is costlier than its predecessor – the Z5, although it is technically not that bountiful.

The best thing about the new Sony Xperia X is its highly capable cameras, and for this reason only the smartphone will find a lot of takers. The phone, although essentially a premium mid-ranger will make a great handy device for all those who wish to get high-end photo shooting experience always on the go simply with their mobile phones.

So, if you are considering the Sony Xperia X, take a closer look at its good points as well it’s not so good points before you actually decide to buy it:


The Xperia X comes with a 23 MP primary camera at the rear of the device which is really superb in performance. The primary shooter offers highly detailed, crisp pictures with true colors. The photos are also all produced with high contrast which makes them sharp and very impressive to look at. The camera is also capable of shooting really good quality videos owing to good image stabilization. In situations when there is really poor lighting, the images can sometimes come a little blurred, but this does not always happen. On the whole, the primary back snapper of the Sony Xperia X offers stunning images which can really impress.

The device also comes with an awesome 13 MP front facing selfie camera which is another highlight of this smartphone. For a mid-ranged smartphone, even this selfie shooter is extremely capable. The 13 MP snapper offers extraordinarily detailed and sharp images that is hard to expect in a phone. However, it is not absolutely flawless, as in backlit surroundings this camera can’t offer impressive images. Then again, it also lacks image stabilization, which does mean you will have to remain pretty still to get those fabulous selfies. However, even world acclaimed flagship model Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge fails to offer great selfies in backlit conditions, so the mid-ranged Sony Xperia X can very well be excused of this small flaw.

On the whole, both the cameras on the Sony Xperia X are simply marvelous although not ultimately impeccable.

Sony Xperia X

Design & Built Quality

The new Sony Xperia X comes with a marked improvement in terms of design and visual appeal over its preceding models. The device is less angular as compared to the Xperia Z5 which makes its smoother, while glass rear panel comes with a very useful layer of anti-slip coating for better grip and handling. So, with the Xperia X, Sony has made subtle good changes to rectify previous design weaknesses while retaining the overall patent design language that marks the device as an unmistakable Xperia. But the sad part is that the Sony Xperia X becomes bereft of the crucial patent Xperia water resistance feature, which has been reserved for the more loaded Xperia X Performance.

The Sony Xperia X retains the company’s well known Omni-Balance language with a rounded edged aluminum built. It has a premium design and built quality and despite the multitude of all-metal smartphones in the market, the Sony Xperia X still makes a mark of its own with its impressive styling.

Display & Software

The new Sony Xperia X gets the benefit of the brilliant displays that the company is known for. The device boasts of a 5 inch Full HD quality Triluminos display, which is super bright, crisp clear, highly detailed and vibrant; in short a treat for the eyes. The display screen’s brilliant brightness enables it to remain nicely readable even in bright sunlight. The screen also comes with automatic adjustments as well as optimizations which offer great colors and visuals. The device also offers really good viewing angles.

The Xperia X runs on the latest Android 6.0.1 version Marshmallow OS right out-of-the-box. This will definitely offer all the benefits that the OS version comes with. The Operating System is topped by Sony’s Xperia UI skin. The downside is, the software does come with a whole lot of pre-loaded apps, which may not be used by many and they can’t be uninstalled either.


The new Sony Xperia X gets powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 650 chipset which gets the support of 3 GB of RAM. The smartphone comes with 32 GB of onboard storage which is not much for its price range.

The Xperia X however, comes with optimized performance and can operate super fast in everyday usage. The downside is that real life tests have shown that the Xperia X gaming performance is just about half as that of the previous Xperia Z5.

Battery Backup

The Xperia X comes with a high resolution screen and a pretty small battery pack of 2,620 mAh, so one can’t expect it to offer great backup time. However, the battery does surprise with great usage. Real time tests show it can offer a great over 12 hours of nonstop video playback. This certainly makes is highly impressive in terms of battery backup as well, as it surpasses its predecessor Z5 larger 2,900 mAh and also some of the other quality smartphones with larger battery pack. The device also gets energy-saving modes to last longer.

Launch Date & Price

Sony hasn’t still announced the date of the Xperia X’s launch in India or its price. It is expected to hit the Indian market by end May or early June. The new handset is most likely to be tagged at sub-35K price slab.

Final Words

There are no doubts that the new Sony Xperia X is a highly capable and quality smartphone model. However, at its rather high price point it could offer something more special. Nevertheless, it will make a delightful companion for all the photo shooting enthusiasts.


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