Sony’s Big PS4 Update Coming Tomorrow

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Sony ps4 Version 2.0

Version 2.0 of the PlayStation 4 firmware is coming, and with it we’ll see the introduction of some major new features:

Game sharing will be introduced, or Share Play as Sony calls it. This lets you invite friends to remotely watch and hop into your games even if they haven’t purchased or downloaded a copy of the game you’re playing.

PlayStation Plus may be required depending on how you plan to use Share Play. If a friend merely wants to spectate, Sony’s subscription service isn’t required on either end. But to hand off control of a game, the host will need to be a paying subscriber. And if a friend joins as a second player for multiplayer action, both people will need a Plus membership. There’s also a time limit on everything: friends can join your game for a maximum of one hour at a time.

PS4 system software 2.0 also adds YouTube as a sharing destination for your saved gameplay highlights.Dedicated YouTube app is finally coming to the PlayStation Store tomorrow. Sony’s also adding custom themes to give your home screen a more personalized feel but you still can’t use your own photos as the PS4’s wallpaper.

USB Music Player app  just like the name implies, you’ll be able to play music from any compatible USB storage device and keep listening as you progress through games. There’s no video support whatsoever. Sony is also promising some much needed improvements to sorting / organization on the home screen and enhancements to live gameplay broadcasting. All this coming out tomorrow so keep the lines clear and get ready to hit update!

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