Sony’s New Handheld Lets You Stream PS5 Games On The Go

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Sony's New Handheld

Exciting news has arrived in the gaming world as Sony unveils its latest handheld device. This new offering boasts a remarkable 8-inch high-definition screen and is set to incorporate all the impressive features found in Sony’s renowned DualSense PlayStation 5 controller. However, there is a slight caveat to consider for eager fans of Sony’s handheld consoles—the device will exclusively support Wi-Fi streaming and rely on a direct connection to the PlayStation 5, marking a departure from the traditional handheld gaming experience seen in the beloved PlayStation Vita.

Since the release of the ill-fated yet cherished PlayStation Vita back in 2012, Sony has refrained from venturing into the portable console market. Instead, they have opted to provide portable gaming experiences through Remote Play, a feature that enables streaming of content from a more powerful console to a smaller device. This functionality has been present since the days of the PSP, and in recent years, Remote Play has allowed gamers to play their favorite PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5 titles on a mobile device or PC. However, Sony is now taking this concept a step further with Project Q—an innovative device that appears to be a fusion of a DualSense controller, sliced in half, and a tablet expertly positioned in the center. During the May 24 PlayStation showcase, Jim Ryan, the CEO of PlayStation, took to the virtual stage to unveil Project Q, leaving fans eagerly anticipating its release later this year.

Rumors surrounding a potential new Sony handheld have circulated in the gaming community for quite some time, often accompanied by the notion that the device might not possess enough standalone power to run games. Staying true to these speculations, Sony’s forthcoming handheld will solely rely on streaming capabilities. Furthermore, during the recent event, it was revealed that the device will utilize Wi-Fi for connectivity, with no mention of cellular broadband functionality.

In light of these exciting announcements, gaming enthusiasts are hungry for more details. Although information provided during the PlayStation showcase was somewhat limited, it is undeniable that the device exhibits an appealing design and appears more ergonomically friendly compared to its competitors, such as the Nintendo Switch. However, Sony had more surprises in store.

In addition to the handheld device, Sony also showcased their upcoming earbuds, emphasizing their compatibility with the PS5 and PC platforms. Notably, these earbuds will also connect via Bluetooth to smartphones, promising a versatile audio experience. It is safe to say that wearing these earbuds in public will exude a sense of coolness, a far cry from the days when gamers would walk around sporting the PS3 Bluetooth headset connected to their cellphones.

As the gaming community eagerly awaits further information, many enthusiasts are reaching out to Sony for additional insights and clarification. Excitement is mounting, and gamers worldwide are eager to witness the full potential of Sony’s latest handheld venture.

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