Soon Razer’s Smart Robots Will Be Cleaning Our Oceans

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Razer's Smart Robots

A few months back, Razer surprised us all by revealing its collaboration with The Nurturing Co, to get eco-toilet paper brand Bambooloo up and running. It was the first part of a “$50 million war chest to support and invest in environmental and sustainability startups.”

Now, proceeding with the Razer Green Fund enterprise, and in celebration of World Oceans Day on June 8, Razer is set to reveal a new partnership. This time, with a marine waste cleaning company, ClearBot.

ClearBot is a Hong Kong-based startup which is with Razer’s help, has now had the assistance it needed to start getting the oceans cleaned up. Razer hasn’t just thrown money at the startup either; this is a real collaboration, and very soon Razer branded ocean cleanup bots will be traveling across the seven seas, in an attempt to clean up our oceans.

“Razer’s leading engineers and designers have volunteered personal time and technical expertise to help turn their prototype into a scalable, mass-marketable product. Leveraging on Razer’s extensive knowledge and manufacturing know-how, ClearBot was able to develop the robot design into one that is smarter and more productive.

“The newly designed and fully automated robot is armed with cutting-edge AI and machine learning capabilities that can detect marine plastics within two meters in rough waters. The robot can collect up to 250 kg of plastics in just one cycle while working on solar-powered energy.”

Patricia Liu, Razor’s Chief of Staff, talked about the company’s sustainability leadership, and its reasons for moving into a lifestyle brand with such strong visions of a green and fruitful future.

“It’s nice for Razer to be more commonly associated to the public as a lifestyle brand rather than strictly for gamers,” Liu explains, “But we only do so because we feel we have the resources to make a positive difference.”

So the move is really about utilizing the position the company has discovered itself in to do good. “Razer is in a good place to galvanize our community, which includes youth, millennials, and Gen Z.” And by reaching out to them through its many actions, Razer really is making a change to this world.

With the Sneki Snek campaign having saved almost 300,000 trees, and the completion of the Kanagawa launch soon to finance the recovery of 1,337 kg of ocean plastic with the Seven Clean Seas initiative, it seems there’s no holding back Razer’s green tide.

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