SoulCalibur VI Tira Reveal Trailer

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SoulCalibur VI

SoulCalibur VI fans are excited for the return of the iconic character Tira to the game will be pleased to know that Tira will be included in the line-up of characters when the new highly anticipated SoulCalibur VI fighting game launches on PlayStation 4 next month. SoulCalibur VI Will be available from October 19th, 2018,

Tira is available as a bonus character in the SoulCalibur VI Season Pass which is now available to pre-order making sure you get Tira on day one, as well three extra playable characters and armor packs in the future.

“Since her debut in SoulCalibur III, Tira has become a fan favorite in the series. We’ve been paying close attention to the fans and know many of you were waiting for this announcement. Tira’s weapon is vastly different from any other in the SoulCalibur series. The Ring Blade is best described as a razor-sharp wheel of death. This weapon is extremely dangerous to wield, but enables terrifyingly fast and deadly combos.”

“A merciless combatant, Tira was raised by an assassins’ organization, the Bird of Passage. Due to her upbringing, she is well-versed in the art of murder, leaving few warriors able to stand a chance against her.”



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