Southwest Airlines Built Course For Super Mario Maker

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Wii U level-building game Super Mario Maker has added another course designed by a multi-national corporation.

Southwest Airlines, a well-known low-cost carrier, built a level for the game called “Southwest Air Adventure.” The level, which features Southwest-themed obstacles, is available now through Super Mario Maker’s Course World (via Polygon).

Players can also unlock a “Sky Pop” costume by locating a Mystery Mushroom in the level. The Sky Pop vehicle first appeared in 1989’s Super Mario Land. Once players unlock the costume, they can use it in other Super Mario Maker levels.

This isn’t Super Mario Maker’s first corporate tie-in, as Mercedes-Benz and Facebook have also released themed levels for the game. Southwest Airlines said in a blog post that it was asked by Nintendo to create its level, though it’s unclear if the same is true for the other corporate partnerships.

It’s not just corporations that are building Super Mario Maker levels, of course. By Nintendo’s latest count, players had uploaded more than 3.3 million courses.


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